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Press Release

May 7, 2009

Joyce Weidler, Managing Director
American Skin Association

American Skin Association Announces The Wonders of Skin Has Expanded to Include Orange County, California

New York, May 7 - American Skin Association (ASA) announced today that its signature skin health education program, The Wonders of Skin: Looking Good, Being Healthy, has expanded into 27 new school districts in Orange County California, affecting 503,307 school-age children.

The New York Academy of Medicine's Office of School Health Programs, ASA's partner for its Skin Health Education Program, conducted a professional development training workshop for 115 school nurses serving 594 public schools in grades kindergarten through 12.

Two dermatologists, Arisa Ortiz, MD and Anne Marie Tremaine, MD, from University of California at Irvine School of Medicine, conducted an informative presentation on contemporary skin health issues and talked about many common skin diseases. Both Drs. Ortiz and Tremaine were extremely impressed with The Wonders of Skin: Looking Good, Being Healthy curriculum and felt school nurses were an excellent group who can utilize this curriculum in their schools and can have a positive affect in promoting overall skin health and preventing skin disease among youth.

The school nurses completed the workshop with a comprehensive understanding of The Wonders of Skin: Looking Good, Being Healthy curriculum and the vast array of skin health issues they would face in their schools. Based on feedback garnered from the session's evaluations, all participants rated the workshop as outstanding, providing them with information and helpful materials to incorporate into the classroom.

More than one nurse remarked that "The Wonders of Skin: Looking Good, Being Healthy curriculum lessons would enable them to provide education and information on a range of skin health issues with students and parents and enhance their ability to teach children about the importance of protecting their skin."

Since its humble beginnings in 1999 in New York City, The Wonders of Skin: Looking Good, Being Healthy program now runs in 2,019 schools across the nation, impacting the lives of over 3 million children. For more information about bringing the program to your school, please contact Edward Diller at The New York Academy of Medicine at 212-822-7267 or


Founded in 1987, American Skin Association (ASA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing research, educating school-age children, and improving the nation's public health by increasing awareness of the skin's vital role in preserving wellness and preventing diseases.

For more than two decades, ASA has collaborated with many of the nation's foremost scientists and physicians on behalf of the 100 million Americans afflicted with skin disorders. ASA has sponsored groundbreaking studies by over 150 scientists during the early phases of their careers, and developed an award-winning public school program The Wonders of Skin... that provides instruction aimed at preventing skin disease and promoting early treatment to over 3 million children across the U.S.