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Lice are tiny insects that live in the scalp. Female lice deposit eggs (nits) on the hair shaft. Lice appear as small white dots.

It is possible to catch lice even if you are very clean. Head lice survive on objects such as hairbrushes, combs, caps, scarves, coats and towels for a few days. You can easily catch lice from someone else, especially if you share combs or brushes, or have direct skin contact. Treat head lice with special medicated shampoos that you buy over the counter at the pharmacy. After shampooing, comb the hair with a fine-toothed comb to remove any remaining nits. If the nits are not entirely removed by combing, the hair can be rinsed with diluted vinegar (half vinegar, half water) and then combed again. Wash all bedding, towels and clothing that have come in contact with the scalp and dry them with high heat for 20 minutes. Articles that cannot be washed can be dry cleaned or stored in plastic bags for two weeks to kill the lice.

Pubic lice infect the genital areas through direct skin contact. The eggs are deposited on hair shafts and cause itching in the genital area. Treatments for pubic lice, involves applying a topical medication.

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