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Press Release

May 7, 2009

Joyce Weidler, Managing Director
American Skin Association

American Skin Association Featured Charity on ABC-TV's Grey's Anatomy

New York, May 7 - In conjunction with the long-awaited wedding of characters Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo) and Derek Shepherd (played by Patrick Demsey), ABC-TV's hit show Grey's Anatomy is encouraging viewers to send contributions to the American Skin Association in lieu of wedding gifts.

"We applaud Grey's Anatomy's efforts to raise awareness about melanoma - skin cancer's most lethal form. We are also profoundly grateful for their help in raising funds to support much needed research", says ASA Founder and President Dr. George W. Hambrick, Jr.

Melanoma is a life-threatening disease that originates in cells called melanocytes-skin cells that produce pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. If not detected and treated early, a melanoma can invade the skin and penetrate deep into the body, spreading to the lymph nodes and internal organs. Once spread internally, melanoma is eventually fatal. One in thirty-four Americans will develop melanoma.

Early diagnosis is critical! For more information on melanoma, go to American Skin Association's website at


Founded in 1987, American Skin Association (ASA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing research, educating school-age children, and improving the nation's public health by increasing awareness of the skin's vital role in preserving wellness and preventing diseases.

For more than two decades, ASA has collaborated with many of the nation's foremost scientists and physicians on behalf of the 100 million Americans afflicted with skin disorders. ASA has sponsored groundbreaking studies by over 150 scientists during the early phases of their careers, and developed an award-winning public school program The Wonders of Skin... that provides instruction aimed at preventing skin disease and promoting early treatment to over 3 million children across the U.S.