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FAQs for Grant Seekers

Q. Does approval from the institution for human and animal use need to be in place at the time of the application?
A. No. However, proper documentation must be submitted with the application to show that any needed approvals are pending.

Q. How many years is a grant funded?
A. All grants and awards are funded for one year. However, a second year of funding may be available with submission of a final progress report and a new application.

Q. How many applicants is the Chairman of Dermatology permitted to endorse?
A. The Chairman of Dermatology may endorse only one candidate in each category below per year.

    One Research Scholar Award
    One Research Grant
    One Quality of Life Grant
    One Medical Student Grant

Q. May more than one application be submitted?
A. One application may be submitted by a candidate in each of the categories listed above, provided the Chairman of Dermatology endorses each one. However, only one grant/award will be given to any individual.

Q. May I apply for a grant if I am working in another department conducting research related to dermatology?
A. Yes, as long as the Chairman of Dermatology at your institution co-signs the endorsement letter.

Q. Who writes my letter of recommendation?
A. The Chairman of Dermatology. If you are not working in the dermatology department/division, then a letter from your Mentor is acceptable if the Chairman of Dermatology co-signs the endorsement letter.

Q. May I apply for a grant at an institution where there is no department/division of dermatology but I am pursuing active research in dermatology?
A. Yes. Although first preference will be given to individuals working in a department/division of dermatology, applicants with a close working relationship to such a department are also eligible. However the application must include a letter of support/endorsement from the Chairman of Dermatology with whose faculty you are interacting or collaborating.

Q. Do I have to submit previous funding or the current funding of the lab where I am currently working?
A. Prior and current funding, as well as pending applications for funding, must be listed if they have supported or are intended in the future to support your salary and supplies. The information should specify whether you or another individual is the named recipient of the funding.

Note: The deadline for receipt of applications cannot be extended. No exception.